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Jennifer Kinzey

Attorney at Law
International Law, Environmental, Human Rights, and Trial Practice

I have a reputation for efficient, effective, and exceptional representation. I am licensed in Oregon, USA. My expertise lies in creative solutions to challenging issues through extensive research and concise writing. Presently, I practice civil and juvenile dependency law where I navigate statutes, administrative law, and various agencies' rules to create favorable outcomes for my clients. 


International Law and Governance LLM

October 2018-January 2020

I graduated Durham University Law School receiving an LLM in International Law and Governance with Merit. My dissertation was entitled "Resolving Rape in Refugee Camps: Effectiveness of Community Justice vs. Mobile Courts on
Reducing Barriers to Reporting Rape". I am passionate about women's rights, particularly in the international human rights context of immigration and refugees.


Securities Litigation

March 2018-October 2018

I was recently part of the team working on a nationwide, class action securities case with Stoll Berne. We received a positive settlement just after the discovery phase and class certification. Prior to attending Durham University, I worked as a member of the team at Stoll Berne on the Aequitas case.That lawsuit resulted in one of the largest securities settlements in Oregon history. 


Special Prosecutor

September 5, 2017- December 1, 2017

Former Special Prosecutor
I was the attorney assigned to the Community Court docket for Multnomah County. Community Court is provides alternative resolutions to the lowest-level, most common misdemeanors. Defendants can participate in either community service or social services to avoid jail or fines. Due to the nature of these misdemeanors, the caseload for this docket is quite large. I appeared daily in court on behalf of the State and saw these cases from arraignment to resolution.
In addition to Community Court, I issued charges and tried cases for other misdemeanors in the Intake Unit.



January 2018

Cultured Meat; Lab-Grown Beef and Regulating the Future Meat Market

UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy vol 36 iss 1

Under the name Jennifer Penn

Livestock production accounts for 19% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 9% of anthropogenic GHG emissions. It requires up to 30% of all land surface area on earth, 33% of all arable land, and 70% of agricultural land. It contributes to climate change in a myriad of ways including; land erosion, water contamination, and abundant resource use. Current practices are not sustainable for a rapidly growing population. Lab-grown meat, also known as cultured meat, provides an alternative that may address many of the environmental harms stemming from livestock production. Cultured meat requires 99% less land, 90% less water, and 45% less energy, helping accommodate population growth while lowering food-based ecological impacts, including climate change. It can also be placed in areas inhospitable to traditional livestock production and would reduce animal cruelty. Currently, however, the federal statutory and regulatory framework governing livestock production is not prepared to address cultured meat. After introducing cultured meat and the technology behind it, this essay explores how current federal regulations fail to address cultured meat. The essay concludes by recommending the adoption of new regulations to clarify the growth, inspection, certification, and sale of cultured meat in the U.S.


Drake Law School

June 2014- December 2016

I graduated Drake University Law School with High Honors. I co-authored an Amicus Curiae Brief regarding felon disenfranchisement to the Iowa Supreme Court for the ACLU. I was a law clerk at Ofenbakh Law Firm, now Iowa Defenders, where I wrote briefs on appellate and post-conviction relief cases (including one on a first degree murder case).  I was a certified student attorney at the Neal & Bea Smith Legal Clinic Criminal Defense and Advanced Criminal Defense units during my time there.

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Portland, Oregon


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