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Climate Change

We need drastic action to make up for the inaction of the last fifty years. We also need to support those displaced by this transition to a sustainable economy.

  • Commercial and Residential Credits for energy efficiency, water efficiency, electric chargers, and renewable electricity.

  • Commercial and Residential Rainwater Collection Program.

  • Investment in electric light rail, electric buses with bus only lanes, and protected bike lanes.

  • Require new construction to put in electric charging stations.

  • Tiered transition programs for those whose jobs are cut during the transition to support them.


Redlining may not longer be the law, but its effects are still prevalent. Racial and socioeconomic segregation coupled with gentrification is causing housing costs to explode. We need policies that enable Oregonians to live close to work.

  • Require a proportion of all new housing construction (apartment complexes and housing developments) to be reserved for housing services, low income, and middle income residents.

  • Create walkable communities with protected bike lanes, public parks, and water conserving landscapes.

  • Invest in more housing options for those engages in social services- such as converting disused commercial real estate or building tiny homes.



Our healthcare is not working for us or those who work in it. Burnout is at an all time high. Mental health is still not covered the way it needs to be covered. Health insurance is still too high a percentage of our income. We need to continue pushing the system forward.

  • Value our nurses, hospital, and healthcare staff with appropriate pay and benefits.

  • Cover all children under OHP.

  • Continue Oregon's progress by ensuring proper funding so every Oregonian has access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and education.

  • Create an OHP program for mental health that can be added to supplement any other insurance plan.

  • Use a debt-to-income calculation when pricing plans in the Oregon Healthcare Marketplace.

  • Cap deductibles to a percentage of income per tier so people can choose a plan that works for them but no one is forced to choose a plan in which a health emergency could bankrupt them.

  • Expand the Oregon Paid Leave program to cover parental leave for all parents.


Education is vitally important and yet the current system is driving individuals into debt and limiting the growth of our economy. We need to rethink how we see education.

  • Expand childcare with certified in-home providers to reach childcare deserts and offer lower cost options.

  • Create subsidy for childcare based on debt-to-income calculation.

  • Encourage apprenticeships and other training programs.

  • Make income based repayment the automatic option for all student loans.

  • Support schools with funding and training to meet the statewide curriculum on sex education.


Justice System

Our justice system is overloaded. Prosecutors get little facetime with any one case. Public defenders are burning out at a record pace. State agencies are seeing high turnover rates. All of this leads to a rushed version of justice.

  • Require an attorney whose practice is less than 49% public defense to have non-negotiable public defense pro-bono hours.

  • Allow the State to contract small caseloads (five to ten cases a year) that will allow more attorneys to do public defense.

  • Consider any attorney that works on a public defense contract eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

  • Create a campaign to encourage more BIPOC resources families.

  • Hire more BIPOC employees in State agencies.

  • Extend the right to a lawyer for all immigration cases.

  • Tackle gun violence through required safety certifications and electronic firearm registration database.


Oregon has seen a 13% rise in deaths from firearms from 2009 to 2018. That represents a 32% increase in homicide by firearms. The most concerning figure is that 82% of deaths by firearms in Oregon are suicides. This includes suicide by gunshot for children and teens. Gun safety and mental health are imperative for Oregonians to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.

  • Require a valid safety certificate in order to purchase and register firearms.

  • Safety courses must include cleaning, shooting, safe storage, and mental health instruction to ensure that guns are utilized and stored safely while getting people in touch with mental health providers to increase access to mental health and decrease stigma.

  • Safety certificates that expire must be recertified to register firearms.

  • Registration should be digitized to create user friendly access to their registration and provide a platform for different firearms safety courses, other classes, and groups.

  • Registration is subject to incredibly strict data usage and protection laws.

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